Spring 2018
TRY Labs Launched with Watercolor

I've always loved the idea of watercolor but never felt comfortable with it. The happy accidents were so much fun to experience but what had happened? How could I repeat the effect? After a day with Amanda of Limn Colors (where she makes watercolor paint from scratch!), I have such a deeper understanding of the tools and materials and techniques. 

Amanda lead two labs. In the morning it was Intro to Materials and in the afternoon we rolled into Color Mixing (we color-mixed practice bunnies!).

Both sessions were eye-opening! There is so much more to knowing the tools, including the qualities of each paint, than I could have ever expected.

Intro by Jennifer Arzt
Understanding the why and how of effects and techniques
Watercolor tools brought to life
TRY Labs Launched with Watercolor
Oakland, California

One of my favorite takeaways was learning about glazing (a term I didn't know before class) and letting the paper and paint dry before adding to it. If you're a painter this might seem obvious but as a newbie, I never thought about the dampness of the paper as a factor in the outcome of an additional layer of paint.

Photos from our first lab are below. A huge thanks to Vitaliy for coming by and taking these gorgeous shots! http://pictilio.com

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Learning different washes and playing with color mixing on the page
So much fun to concentrate on watercolor!
Playing with applying paint to paper with different techniques
Amanda led us all through different brushes, papers, and mixing techniques
Getting ready!
There were doughnuts in the morning.
Color mixing!

And below, if you'll forgive me... my attempts from class.

Textures, glazing, and mixing
Color mixing and a color mixing bunny
And lastly, we played with recreating a painting to learn about using complimentary colors to create color, highlights, and shadows.
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