Summer 2017
Marigolds Meet Silk & Wool

I had the wonderful opportunity to learn natural dyeing with on of TRY Studio's teachers, Helen.

To say I learned a lot is an understatement.

I walked away with a silk scarf and a thought... what if we could de-compartmentalize learning more often? 

Natural dyeing covers so many disciplines and after my two hours with Helen, it was impossible not to want to learn more. There was the agriculture side of growing plants that can be used in dyeing and that the dyes aren't necessarily unique to one given plant but rather a dye might be found across multiple species, many of whom aren't related to one another.

There was the chemistry of binders and heat and dilution (or not as it turns out; ask Helen when you see her!), and the magic of adding iron to the mix.

It was a lesson in more than color play and it was engaging in a whole new way.

Some of the photos from my time with Helen are below.

Intro by Jennifer Arzt
Natural Dyeing in an Oakland Oasis
Marigolds Meet Silk & Wool
Oakland, California
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Helen introduces us to some of the many flowers that can be dyed with.
The most surprising thing? You don't always get the color of the flower as the dye.
Flowers drying.
Flowers drying.
The water is hot but not boiling and the flowers are tossed in.
That's prepared wool Helen's holding.
Knotting it prevents the dye from uniformly coloring the wool allowing for interesting effects.
Helen folds a prepared silk scarf.
Once folded, it can be clamped and to create interesting color effects where the dye can't penetrate.binded
In they go!
Not pasta.
That's the same wool yarn from above but after it's had a dunk in an iron-rich bath.
Unclamp and reveal the masterpiece.

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