Fall 2017
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Meet Guta

Name: Guta Galli
Location: San Francisco, California
Art/Craft/Discipline: New Genres / Performance art /  Photography

An artist whose work invites you in, requests you to be fully present in the moment (and in your own experiences), asks you to reflect on the piece and the framework. 

Intro by Jennifer Arzt
Emotionally intuitive and deeply curious artist
The Human Experience Explored
Meet Guta
San Francisco, California

Guta lives life intentionally. A world traveler, student of life, photographer, and artist, she actively seeks experiences and connections and draws upon them when creating her art.

She explores themes of womanhood, sexuality, humanity, and violence. And while the themes themselves are broad, the execution of them is specific, moving, and deeply touching. It was almost overwhelming to see so much emotion tucked into a piece. 

Guta told me that her approach to her art is slow; she allows herself time (months or years) to find the voice of the piece and explore different mediums. 

Whether her method, her personal experiences, or her deeply insightful view of the world (or a combination of all) she creates sincere art that, to me, was sometimes dark, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, but always true. 

We met at Guta’s studio and there was a plank of wood leaning against the wall that she had used in a performance installation piece. Where a knot had been was now a hole and the viewer could only observe the work via this peephole.

It was fitting for the piece that it was used in, but also served as a touchstone for me when reflecting back on our meeting. Just like leaning down to peer in to discover what’s hidden behind a wall, her work invites you in, requests you to be fully present in the moment (and in your own experiences), asks you to reflect on the piece and the framework. 

Lean in to connect with some of her work below.

(Photo by Paula Moraes.)

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· How did you get started working in art? ·

I became a photographer because since I was a kid I felt super connected to visual arts. I used to draw or paint every single day, and I spent a lot of time hanging out with old paintings in museums and in my own house, since my father had an healthy obsession with old master’s Paintings. Specially Caravaggio.

My mother - that paints and sculpts- was always stimulating me as well.

Photography was a fascinating excuse to put together three things that feed my soul and entice my infinite curiosity: art, travel and people.

You truly should be ashamed of yourself - Digital Photography with manual collage
‍‍Dear Guta, Please forgive me - Digital Photography with manual collage

I decided to become a photographer to travel more and get into people’s houses. See how they live. Exchange life perspectives and affection. Learn.

And photography opened the door to other mediums.

‍Cup of Tea V - Performance Documentation / Digital Photography

· Where do you find inspiration for your work? ·



Random conversations

Observing people in public transportation

My culture (Brazilian)


My life

If you are not making mistakes, you are not learning.

· What’s a project you’ve done that you’re proud of? · 

My current work, a research I started 1,5 year ago, that is called The Minotaur and Us.

It’s a feminist series of video performances and photographs about the intersections between womanhood, race and violence. It stands out because the women that participated often share with me how much positive impact the performances brought to them.  In terms of feeling connected to their bodies or a sisterhood, or self-knowledge, or as a singular, liberating cathartic experience of self-expression. Besides that, I am very happy with the aesthetic power that the pieces have.

· What tools do you use? Have a favorite? · 

I use video, digital photography, gesture, movement and sound.

‍Diptych Seeking Eleonora / Digital Photography

· What kind of projects can someone try with you? · 

  • We can customize our photography  lesson according to your interests! It doesn't matter if your goal is to have better instagram pictures, beautiful family or travel portraits or become a photojournalist or artist: I can help!
  • I can introduce you to the fascinating New Genres universe: you can learn about video installation, sound art, performance art, land art, site specific, conceptual art and more.
  • We can go to museums and galleries together to facilitate art experiences.
  • Are you stuck in your creative process? Or need feedback to move on with your practice? I can fuel your process with references and critical thinking.

· What’s your workspace like? · 

It could be everywhere.

In my studio, I receive people and organize my thoughts, and display work on the walls.

But my performances or photoshoots can really happen anywhere.

My next performance, for example, will happen in a beach.

· Favorite local spot? ·


· What music do you work to? ·

Sooooo many!

· What have you always wanted to try? ·


· What kind of projects can people try with you? ·
Installation at Guta's Studio
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