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Let's change how the world thinks about work by supporting play.

Hi! Thank you for stopping by this page. I know you're busy and there's a lot of internet out there to see.

If you have a question, don't hesitate to reach out.


TRY Studio is a new community-driven website platform for one-on-one lessons in all things creative. Folks sign up to teach or try (or do both!).

Heart & Why

TRY Studio exists to support creativity in everyone.

Being creative, means different things to different people. For some, they have made a career around their creative skills. Other, dabble on weekends. Curiosity unites all creatives and TRY Studio wants to help support the constant exploring of new things, new skills, new studies.

It's hard out there to make enough to support a creative hobby with said hobby. A creative person needs to either make a ton of product and find their audience to sell to, or make a few items of high value and again, find the right audience.

But, what if...

Instead of valuing the end product, we place the value on the skill that person has cultivated? What if, as a society, we could value the discipline of craft?

That question is answered by one-on-one lessons. Don't buy from the maker, learn from them. Don't sell products to support craft; instead share knowledge.

The benefits of knowledge sharing and life-long learning are far too many to list but include things like:

  • supporting local artists, makers, and crafter
  • connecting community
  • interacting with, and therefore gaining an understanding of, someone who doesn't look like you
  • empowering creatives with another form of financial support
  • valuing experiences over things
  • keeping brains healthy

TRY Studio hopes to make the world a more creative, connected, compassionate place, one lesson at a time.

TRY Studio is Made Possible By...

TRY Studio is a bootstrapped startup fueled by some savings and clever workarounds.

Friends have offered time and feedback.

Family has helped every step of the way with love and support.

An amazing platform, Bubble, allowed this founder to build the first version of the application by offering a visual coding tool.

The Founder

Photo credit: Jillian West

Hey, that's me!

My name is Jennifer Arzt and I'm the founder (and everything else right now) of TRY Studio.

All my past passions are coming together in this TRY project. Filmmaking, design, user experience, project management, writing... all are coming out to work as TRY Studio takes shape.

I'm creative but not artistic. I love a project that succeeds but am not interested competition. I love constant change and fiercely protect some consistency.

Every single day I get to talk to folks because of TRY Studio I feel like I've been given a gift.


Drop me a line. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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The blog.
TRY Studio is a new project that hopes to change the world with a simple idea: Personalized lessons taught by someone local.

This isn't really a new idea though. It's mentor / mentee. It's master / apprentice. It's tutor / student. It's real time creative learning.

Learn things. Teach things. Value process and people and we all win create a better world.
Make time for creativity.